Tara River Canyon (Montenegro) is the deepest and probably the most beautiful canyon in Europe.
Between the water level in the river and the top of the banks is 1.3 km. This, and even surprisingly beautiful nature, forced UNESCO to make the canyon a World Heritage Site. Rafting along the Montenegrin mountain rivers is always a pleasure, but rafting on the Tara, and even on the canyon is a double pleasure.
Rafting tours, as a rule, last from 1 to 3 days. Accordingly, tourists travel a distance of 18 to 96 km. Despite the adrenaline that actively splashes out during rafting, the alloy is absolutely safe and even children over 5 years old are allowed to participate in it.
The price of a rafting tour includes a transfer to the start of the rafting on a comfortable bus, minibus or jeeps, permission to visit the reserve, raft rental, environmental tax, wetsuits and other special equipment, 2 or 3 meals a day, overnight stays for two or three days rafting tents in the camp, accompanied by a guide and a rafting instructor. Drinks for food are for a fee.  You must have a waterproof bag, a dry change of clothes and shoes, the camera must be in a waterproof case.
For 2 and 3 days tourists pass the same route of 96 km, but in the format of a 3-day rafting, rafting can be combined with fishing and a relaxing holiday. One-day rafting covers the last stage of multi-day tours, namely from the Brstanovitsa parking lot to Šcepan Fields. In this, as in the other tours, tourists encounter a waterfall on the way. All trips of any length include a trip towards Zabljak, Mojkovac or Kolasin through the Piva Mountains or Durmitor with a stop at Lake Piva.
Multi-day tours start from the rafting center Splaviste in the tributary of the Tara Lutice. The rafting goes to Tara under the Dzhurdzhevich bridge, then through Zeleni Vyrovi, Žugić Luka, Lever Tara, Radovan Luka, Brstanovici camp to Shchepan Pol.
Two- and three-day tours include meals in cafes and small restaurants serving exclusively Montenegrin cuisine.  Departure to the beginning of the rafting is early, since you have to get to the very border with Bosnia and Herzegovina (in fact, the Tara River serves as the border).  The trip takes several hours, but this is only an additional tour.  Majestic peaks, wild rocks, steep gorges, foamy mountain rivers and turquoise lakes.  The most beautiful lake on the way is Lake Piva.  It was formed in the 1970s.  after the construction of the Mratine dam, which at that time was the highest (220 meters above sea level) in Europe.  Also the path runs along the shore of the canyon of Piva, with a depth of one kilometer.  On the way back you can drop by the Piva Monastery to see valuable frescoes in the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin.