The number of people who want to fly like a bird, independently “conquering” the air flows, becomes more and more.

This kind of aerial sports such as paragliding fulfills this dream. Such a flight is carried out on a paraglider which uses ascending air currents to lift it into the air;  control is carried out either by hand or by motor.

What is a paraglider? A paraglider is a special very light aircraft, with which you can reach speeds of up to 70 km/h in the air, and you can fly over a dozen kilometers, while being in a relatively safe and comfortable position. An integral part of the paraglider is a multi-segment wing, equipped with special air collectors, which, being filled with air currents, facilitate flight. Lines are attached to the air collectors, with the help of which the "machine" is controlled. And directly to the lines is attached a fasters system and a seat for the pilot.

Gravity contributes to the movement of the wing up and down, it also favors the creation and maintenance of speed. However in addition to gravity there is also resistance, to overcome which you have to “sacrifice” height;  that is, in order for the paraglider to fly, it needs to gradually reduce the flight altitude.

Paragliders according to their purpose are divided into five main types:

Training paragliders, which are used in training beginners "conquerors of the sky.

Route paragliders have a certain trajectory of movement and are designed to overcome certain distances.

Acrobatic paragliders are used to perform various figures in the air. Pilots of this type of paragliders must have good physical fitness.

Tandem paragliders are designed for flying in pairs and have two seats.

Motorized paragliders have a gasoline or electric engine with a propeller. The engine makes the paraglider independent of the wind, but significantly increases its mass.

If you do not do anything while controlling the paraglider in order to remain at any height, then soon enough the paraglider will lose its height and will be down. And this means that you have to start the flight anew. Flights from low altitudes are simple and often used by those who have no experience at all, or those who wish to learn how to handle a paraglider. However in order to learn how to soar at any height it is necessary to learn how to use ascending air currents.