Psicobloc - this is the name of the extreme sport invented by American athletes during training in Spanish Mallorca. This picturesque island is famous for its many cliffs hanging over the surface of the water which probably prompted the following idea.

Psicobloc - a symbiosis of rock climbing and water jumping. Everything is very simple - a climbing wall, which is a curved vertical platform with protrusions, is located on the edge of the pool. Athletes have to climb to the very top, and then make a jump down. This design trains not only endurance and coordination, but also levels the phobia of height.


Materials for such climbing gyms should be moisture resistant and mobile (so that in the cold season you can quickly dismantle and take them to a warehouse until next season). For production, plastic, laminated plywood, polycarbonate are used. The depth of the pool for jumping from the climbing wall should be at least two meters.

Where to do

Classes at open water climbing gyms are held in the warm period. In the USA, the Psicobloc Masters Series is already held on a regular basis - professional competitions in this extreme sport. In addition to American athletes, guests from other countries also participate. In Spain, similar competitions are held with an impressive (20 thousand US dollars) prize pool.

Water Climbing and Kids

Climbing walls over water also appear in our country in aqua-recreation areas, fitness centers, etc. You can deal not only with adults, but also with children. Safety equipment is not required, it is enough to have conquered the desired point, jump from it into the pool.

Psicobloc is a unique solution created for both professional training and family entertainment in water parks, recreation centers. Water climbing - an opportunity to develop endurance, get a charge of positive emotions and adrenaline!