A paraglider is a very light glider, it is similar to a gliding parachute. The paraglider is extremely elementary in use, you can prepare for the flight in just five minutes and you can fly from any height you like. Almost anyone can use this flying tool. The paraglider weighs from 6 to 20 kg, so it can easily fit in a regular backpack.

This sport is developing all over the world, but not many countries practice child paragliding, although this is an unusual phenomenon. Nevertheless in our country there are sections, schools where boys and girls are trained in paragliding from the age of 12. Also in Montenegro state support is provided in the field of paragliding, various competitions and championships are held, in which not only adult athletes, but also adolescents take part.

Pros and cons of this sport

Perhaps this will seem strange, but the paraglider is used as a means of educating a teenager. Children's paragliding is primarily pedagogy. Sport shapes a person as a person, he lays down many important features, for example, determination, courage, responsibility. Thus the child can be saved from bad companies and an appropriate lifestyle. If the child likes to conquer the sky, then, with a high probability, he will want to connect his life with this. After all having your favorite profession, you can achieve a lot in life. Thanks to the paraglider the child receives physical development, he becomes more resilient and strong. Only from the outside it is simple and easy to control such an aircraft, but in reality it is necessary to have endurance and power. Another important point is that sport develops children in science. After soaring in the sky, you need to understand physics, anatomy, history, geography.

Without the necessary knowledge and skills, you can make a mistake in flight, which will cost your life. Therefore novice pilots should be very serious about studying the material. Thus the teenager learns in practice how the laws of science work. However you need to understand that this type of dispute involves risk, you can get injuries that will entail many consequences. Typically 99 out of 100 accidents occurred due to pilot inexperience. Also this sport is not the cheapest pleasure.  The paraglider itself, equipment and training cost a lot of money.

If the child really wants to do this business and his eyes burn, then you should not be against this hobby. Even if the parental heart suggests that paragliding is not the best activity, it is worthwhile to understand that thanks to such a hobby the child will grow up, will consciously and independently make choices. Such character traits will certainly help him gain what he wants in life. He will understand that if an error occurs, then his life is in danger, and neither his mother nor the instructor will be able to influence the flight. Thus adulthood and responsibility merge together during the flight.

How to introduce a child to paragliding?

Show your own example. If there are people in the family who are involved in this sport, then the child will be interested.

Good coach. If the instructor does not find a common language with the child, it is unlikely that the teenager will want to continue training.

Praise the baby. This must be done even for minor victories. Support also plays an important role, if a person feels that close people are indifferent to his hobby, interest in flying will fall.

If a child wants to engage in paragliding, you should not stop him. The ability to use a paraglider in adolescence gives the child many poles, but parents must understand that the child needs a quality education in this environment. It is impossible to take and fly, you need physical, mental and moral preparation.

Let your child do that he loves and enjoy flying.