The number of extreme sports is increasing every year, now there are already more than 30 of them.

These species can be divided into categories: air, land, underground, mountain and water. Air sports of extreme sports include base jumping and paragliding. Base jumping is considered especially dangerous, as it implies jumping from small heights of artificial or natural origin. The athlete does not have much time left to use a parachute before landing. The price of the error may be too high. Paragliding can be considered no less extreme sport. It is enough to find an elevation for an athlete , run up and take off. But due to the ascending air currents a person can carry it to a great height. At the same time the extreme falls off these flows and enjoys all the beauty in free flight.

Ground extreme is also very diverse. One of the most famous is parkour. Its essence consists in moving a person through a terrain not previously agreed upon. There can be various architectural structures, walls, stairs, poles and even garbage cans. Tracers, so-called parkour lovers, perform elements for better passing obstacles. The basic principle is that backward movement is prohibited. A blind jump, when a person does not see the end point of his landing, is considered a aerobatics figure.

Such a popular sport as rollerblading can also be referred to the terrestrial form of extreme sports. Rollers have been around for a long time as an alternative to winter skates. But as this sport develops, they are used to perform crazy and insecure tricks. Any curbs, stairs and railings are used for skiing. Great attention is now being paid to the construction of roller parks, although a real extreme will find a training ground for tricks in any part of the city.

Of course extreme sports are given close attention to water extreme sports. Especially popular are cave diving and wakeboarding. Cave diving is called diving in underwater grottoes and caves. This requires special equipment and careful preparation of the diver. The danger of this sport lies in the fact that getting out of the underwater cave is prevented by poor visibility, there is a chance of losing a landmark and getting lost. A sufficient supply of oxygen is required, otherwise the dive can end very sadly.

Wakeboarding is an alternative to water skiing. The athlete rides on the board for the boat performing acrobatic stunts. The danger lies in the fact that a person bears a force beyond his control, i.e.  boat. A device called a wakeboard is a specially shaped board and leg mounts. Women are actively involved in this sport, because it is akin to fitness. Here just as in fitness, all muscle groups are involved.

Extreme mountain sports include the notorious zorbing. During a long hobby for a particular sport, a sense of control comes in, but not in this form, especially when descending from an inclined surface in the middle of a large ball. Initially the zorb was developed as a means of transportation on the water surface, but then it was adapted for descent from hills including snowy ones. The danger is that there is a fear of suffocation, the risk of drowning or colliding with hard objects.

Also in the world of extreme sports snowboarding is very popular. It can be considered the most spectacular. Like many other species he is quite young. Originally originated in the United States and gained special popularity there. Then came his solemn procession around the world. It is currently part of the Olympic games program. Many snowboard enthusiasts have paved their way to great sport.

Climbing can be considered especially dangerous in extreme sports. But professionals of this type came up with a new hobby - a climbing wall. In this sport the main thing is to conquer the fear of heights, find the center of gravity and securely fix the safety cable. Even after the first conquest of a small height, an amateur athlete has a burning desire to visit all the mountains of the earth.

Underground sports are not as diverse as the rest. But there is also where to get a significant dose of adrenaline. It is about speleotourism. This is a visit to caves in special equipment with sports or research interest. The peculiarity of speleotourism can be considered the complexity of routes, which include a variety of reliefs. It can be underground rivers, wells, grottoes, blockages, caves. In such places usually high humidity at low temperatures and an almost complete shortage of daylight. All these difficulties in one way or another make you feel some danger and feel a considerable portion of adrenaline.