If you become bored and want new sensations, then it's time to try something unusual.

Today there are many ways to get a shot of adrenaline. Fast cycling is enough for someone and for some there are not enough “civilized” ways, they are constantly looking for new options for “recharging”.


Parachuting is quite safe. New technologies made it possible to create automatic mechanisms for opening the dome; you don’t have to worry that at the right time you will forget to pull the ring. The slings with which a person attaches to the canopy of the parachute must be flexible and durable. If you are afraid to jump alone, you can order a jump with an instructor.


This type of entertainment is less nervous, but very much like parachute jumping. The difference is that the start begins with a hill or a small hill. A 15-minute flight takes place at a speed of about 35 km / h. At the same time there are no special requirements for the physical training of the pilot.

The most successful paragliding flights are in good weather with moderate wind. The flight can last several hours.

Hang gliding

A considerable dose of adrenaline can be obtained from flying on a hang glider. This type of “transport” is light and strong and it got its name for the triangular shape of the wing, similar to the Greek letter “delta”.

As on a paraglider, takeoff is carried out from the ground due to the physical actions of the pilot. A good flight will depend only on the weather. The main difference from a paraglider is speed. The hang glider has an average speed of 75 km / h, but it happens that the aircraft accelerates to 130 km / h.  The rigid design makes the “car” more resistant to turbulence and stable during flight.

BASE Jumping

The most extreme way to "recharge" is base jumping. Little is known for this name, but the essence is familiar to almost everyone - it is parachuting from any buildings, bridges or rocks. But they can be done only by experienced paratroopers.

The threat lies in the short duration of the flight - about six seconds. The equipment for the jump does not have insurance and a reserve parachute, and the “jumper” lands, as a rule, on a very small platform.

Rope jumping

Rope jumping is one of the most accessible and understandable ways to get an emotional charge.  In order to make the jump "into the abyss" you do not need to have any sophisticated equipment and special skills. Only a man and a rope are needed.

The principle is simple - those who want to take a chance go to the gathering place and pay the money to the organizers. They, in turn, dress a person in harnesses, like climbing, fasten one end of a special cord to a rock, bridge or tower with strong carbines, and the other to the client.  And that’s it, you can jump down.

Note that for jumping rope jumpers, a dynamic rope is used to protect the human body from overloads at a critical point of flight. All equipment is durable, however, there is a limitation - a "jumper" must weigh no less than 40 and no more than 140 kilograms.

All ways to recharge with adrenaline are good, the choice is yours. The main condition is the quality and reliability of the equipment. Your life and safety will depend on this.