Psicobloc - this is the name of the extreme sport invented by American athletes during training in Spanish Mallorca. This picturesque island is famous for its many cliffs hanging over the surface of the water which probably prompted the following idea.

The number of extreme sports is increasing every year, now there are already more than 30 of them.

Many people are sure that only special people can engage in extreme sports and they are not available to ordinary mortals. Only a few are able to cope with their inner fears and prove to others, as well as to themselves, that everything is possible in this world.

A paraglider is a very light glider, it is similar to a gliding parachute. The paraglider is extremely elementary in use, you can prepare for the flight in just five minutes and you can fly from any height you like. Almost anyone can use this flying tool. The paraglider weighs from 6 to 20 kg, so it can easily fit in a regular backpack.

If you become bored and want new sensations, then it's time to try something unusual.