Vlada actually spent half her childhood in a kayak and with a backpack behind her: her parents were avid travelers and took their daughter with them.

Vlada grew up, got married. Soon a replenishment took place in the young family, the newly-made parents were completely immersed in the worries of little Nastya. Life went on as usual. But at some point Vlad and Ilya felt that there was not enough drive. And they remembered their tourist past (Ilya also went camping in his student days). We found a group of young enthusiastic tourists with children and went on their first "family" trip. Nastya was 4 years old then. We chose a quiet river, moved at a comfortable pace. Everyone was very pleased. Especially little Nastya, because it was on this campaign that she learned to pronounce the letter “p” and stopped being afraid of water (before that, even bathing in the bathroom was a problem).

Breastfeeding in a Kayak

When I became pregnant a second time, we already had the experience of traveling with a child. So my husband and I decided that with the birth of Danya, we will not cancel the camping trips. Danya made his first water voyage in his mother’s tummy. Of course, given my "interesting" position, we chose the calm, non-empty and very picturesque Vorskla river. And when our son turned 7 months old, they went to rafting on the Sluch River: there are quiet sections and small sills. The kid looked around, sitting in my arms.  I breast-fed Danya, so we didn’t even need to stop at children's “snacks”. It just seems that it is unrealistic to go camping with a baby: it’s worth trying once to understand that there’s nothing complicated.

Of course swift rivers like the Southern Bug or Ink are not suitable for rafting with a child. It is better to choose a calm river with sandy beaches. It is advisable that the company you are traveling with has several more families with children: then it will be easier to build a regime that is comfortable for everyone. Be sure to think over all the little things: a sleeping place for crumbs, baby food (if he is not breastfeeding), medicine for an emergency. And remember: children's skin is very delicate - the baby should not be left in direct sunlight, even for a few minutes! Make sure that the crumb is always in the lace shade (directly in the boat or kayak, you can build a small tent for it).

I take books on trips

Now there are enough tour companies involved in organizing active leisure. But we prefer to travel on our own, choosing the most attractive route and convenient pace. We like leisurely alloys. We stop where you like, pick mushrooms and berries, fish, bake it on charcoal or cook the ear. I even take books with me: I love reading in the fresh air. Our Nastya is already 16, for the last couple of years she has been hiking not with us, but with her classmates, under the guidance of teachers. Last summer it turned out funny: at the same time, we went to Seversky Donetsk with two different companies: Nastya with fellow practitioners, we with our friends. And here we, adults, are having a hearty lunch, slowly sailing to ourselves, barely immersing the oars in the water. And then a whole flotilla overtakes us at full speed: kayaks rush so that the water around it almost boils. We look: but this is Nastya and her comrades are cutting.

Such active leisure fosters independence in the daughter, a kind of inner maturity, which I am very happy about. In one of the trips, we identified teenagers as a separate team. It turned out that they could very well, without the help of adults, make a fire and cook dinner and put up tents. Moreover if before we came up with some kind of entertainment for them, now our children have compiled fascinating quests for us. It was so nice to feel the care of your child!