A summer corporate vacation organized by water programs is an unforgettable adventure. Participants receive positive emotions and are charged with strong energy. Water romance will appeal to those who love adventure, whom the mysterious distance beckons with the exciting flow of the river, the transparency of the lakes, the brackish smack of the sea.

Options for water programs:

Collective picnic in the nature near the reservoir with swimming, riding on catamarans, pirate fun.

For lovers of extreme and difficult trials - river rafting, paddle work, dizzying ups and downs on steep descents.

Physical tests, outdoor activities, emotions help to hide from the city routine and fuss. You will open up, get to know employees better, strengthen and make acquaintances. Participation in team building is an opportunity to show up on the best side and make sure that you are appreciated, respected.

Sailing regatta

Sailing ships are a unique opportunity to combine team building and relaxation. Team skills are developed in the process of collective management of the yacht. On a ship driven by sails, it is important to participate in the management of each crew member. In difficult situations, a feeling of unity of interests is developed in the desire to achieve the ultimate goal by common efforts. It is impossible to circumvent the condition of the water team building program.

Regatta is a technically challenging form of entertainment. Participation requires special physical, moral preparation. Trainings on yachts are conducted under the guidance of professionals who prepare the trip participants to manage the yacht and teamwork.

They do not cease to be mentors during the passage of the regatta, when events develop at lightning speed. If friction arises between the participants, this means that problems are revealed that are not previously identified in the team. Sailing is a water program of entertainment, relaxation and improving relations between people.


The water team building program which is dominated by elements of extreme entertainment.  In a short time the participants are repeatedly covered by a kaleidoscope of acute emotions. Rafting polishes and improves relations between people.

The program includes rafting along rivers with a fast but moderately complex course. For rafting a psychological attitude and a desire to achieve a goal together with like-minded people are important. The team takes a difficult section of the river at the raft and arrives at its destination in full force.

During rafting it is not necessary to tickle the nerves in a turbulent river course. The boat is used in calm water for relay races. The goal of the team is to arrive first.  This task will succeed the team, which will act accurately and harmoniously. Despite the extreme nature of the water program it is organized on studied and tested routes, under the supervision of an experienced instructor.


The problem that needs to be solved during the water program is to learn how to control a kayak. An equilibrium means becomes fast and obedient in control when a person tries, finds balance. Team building is carried out on any water surface.  Participants endure physical and moral challenges.

The more difficult the program seems at first, the more joyful it is for the participants who come to the finish line and contribute to the victory. Water team building programs have no restrictions, specifics. Themes can be changed, combined, filled with game content. The main thing in the project is collective participation and the desire to achieve the goal by joint efforts.