Rest in the summer in Montenegro

This small but cozy and hospitable country disposes to itself at first sight.

Why is a vacation in Montenegro so good and noteworthy in the summer that people of different ages and social statuses come here and sometimes with pleasure come back ?!

Picturesque sea bays, crystal clear lakes, forests and healing mountain air saturated with pine needles - all these indescribable beauties are the pride of Montenegro.  Therefore Europeans themselves consider the country one big reserve.  And thanks to the locals who are open, smiling and ready to chat, any tourist has the feeling that he got home after a long time travel.

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Montenegro is an inexpensive vacation for lovers of beaches and history

Even those who have never been to these protected areas have probably heard that beach vacations in Montenegro are considered the best in Europe.  The famous city of Budva and the nearby resort towns of Rafailovici, Becici, the island of St. Stephan, Petrovac, Bulyaritsa form the Budva Riviera - the famous tourist resort area of ​​Montenegro.  Unlike the Cote d'Azur with cramped and expensive beaches on the Budva Riviera, there is enough space for anyone who wants to bring home the Montenegrin tan, because its length is almost 35 km.


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The Budva Riviera will not let you miss not only lovers of beach meditation in the sun, but also fans of antiquity, national color and history, since Budva is one of the oldest settlement cities on the Adriatic.  Here you can wander through the intricate streets of the Old Town, climb the citadel of St. Mary, from where amazing panoramic views of the endless sea open.  And also, go to the island of St. Nicholas or go to Kotor - the labyrinth city, a historical open-air museum that has united a great many eras located in the Bay of Kotor.

Boka Kotor Bay

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The Bay of Kotor is often called the most beautiful southern fjord of the European continent.  The entire coast of the bay is dotted with ancient churches, villages and fishing town and in the very center there are two islands: the Virgin on a reef (cliff, rock) and St. George.  The latter is closed to tourists.  But the island of the Virgin on a cliff or on a reef (depending on the translation) is interesting in that it is an artificial structure, as well as a temple of the same name, built in the 17th century.  The main value of the temple is the ancient icon of the Virgin of the middle of the 15th century, and the embroidered image of the Mother of God, which, according to legend, was replaced by seaman’s wife who had been waiting for her wife for more than 25 years on the shore instead of threads.  Wedding ceremonies are still held in the church, and the bride presents her wedding bouquets with the face of the embroidered Virgin with a request for love and family happiness.

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Sights of Montenegro: what to see, where to visit

Montenegro is a very small country, compact and very convenient for car travel.  Therefore when you get tired of sunbathing, swimming and having fun, tasting local drinks and dishes, you can go to see the sights of the country.  By renting a car you can easily cross it from the sea coast to the charming north, where there are many monasteries, the Tara River canyon and the Biogradska Gora Nature Reserve.

Ulcinj and the Great Beach

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The southernmost point of the sea coast and the sunniest city of Montenegro is Ulcinj, famous for its sandy basalt beach and the warmest sea in Montenegro.  Not only those who want to improve their health and get rid of problems with the musculoskeletal system come here, but also connoisseurs of secluded relaxation and silence, those who love small cozy towns with an interesting historical past.

Skadar Lake

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Not far from Ulcinj is located Skadar Lake famous not only for its huge size, but also for its large number of inhabitants.  It is home to about four dozen species of fish.  It is true thafishing must be ordered through an official company.  Those who are not indifferent to Feng Shui beauties should go for a boat trip on the lake, admire the magnificent views and listen to the silence, broken only by flocks of gulls.  A worthy conclusion to the acquaintance will be a meal in one of the restaurants where you can try all the fish delicacies.

Bar Old town

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When traveling around Montenegro, one cannot but visit the New and Old Bar - the city is well-known not only as a resort town, but also as a historical place, where monuments from the era of Ottoman rule and some Christian churches are well preserved.  Here, a unique olive grows, whose age exceeds 2000 years and, as they say, is the oldest olive tree in all of Europe.

Ostrog Monastery

A striking attraction of religious Montenegro is the Ostrog Orthodox Monastery, which is still attracted by pilgrims from all over the world.  The peculiarity of this religious building is that the monastery is cut down in a rock at an altitude of almost a kilometer from sea level.  The miraculous relics of Vasily Ostrozhsky, the founder of the monastery, are stored here and the holy spring is located.  Rumor has it that all these shrines have powerful healing soul and body, and the desires that believers write on leaves and leave in the crevices of the rocks tend to come true.

Traveling in Montenegro: northern part of the country

Biorgadska Gora

The most impressive and fascinating natural beauties are concentrated in the northern part of Montenegro.  Here is the national reserve park of Montenegro "Biogradska Gora", not touched by European civilization.  On its vast territory of 54 km2 endemic plants and gigantic relict trees grow, the age of individual species of which reaches thousands of years.  Locals with special trepidation and care relate to their native natural wealth, so the park is amazing with its pristine beauties.  The reserve is located between the two magnificent canyons of the Montenegrin rivers Lim and Tara.

Tara River Canyon

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Tara Canyon is well known for those who are keen on rafting.  Here routes of six difficulty levels have been laid, so everyone can try to compete with nature: both a beginner in overcoming river rapids and a professional.  The canyon is interesting from a hydrogeological and aesthetic point of view.  They say that the crystal clear water of Tara can be drunk without fear, although given the general ecology of European countries, it is hardly worth abusing it.  Between the high rocky shores of the canyon, an openwork Dzhurdzhevich bridge, made of concrete, is thrown.  From it, the most bewitching and breathtaking views of the canyon itself and the river flows boiling beneath are open.

Ecotourism in Kolasin

And, of course, reaching the north of the country it is impossible to drive past Kolasin.  The city is well known as a ski resort affordable in terms of price and atmosphere, with well-developed infrastructure and numerous pistes for any level of training.  But this is in the winter, and in the summer Kolasin turns into a place of pilgrimage for ecotourism lovers, who become more and more every year.  For fans of wild pristine natural beauties, all the conditions of a real rural life are created.  They can settle in a separate summer house, eat exclusively homemade national dishes, and in moments of relaxation from close contact with nature, get acquainted with the cultural sights of Kolasin.

You can talk endlessly about the sights of the amazing country of Montenegro.  Because every village, town, city has retained its originality and vibrant national flavor.  Therefore do not be surprised that a summer vacation in Montenegro is good in every way.  After all the opportunity to diversify the monotony of beach days makes any vacation away from home bright and unforgettable.